Friday, March 03, 2017

Day 3 - Mandatory Puttachi update

Considering that my blog saw an upsurge of readership due to my Puttachi posts during her early childhood, it stands to reason that any readers who happen to be sticking around want Puttachi updates. Honestly, updates on a nearly ten-year-old isn't as much fun as updates on a child who is learning to walk, talk, and reason. (If you're new, do check out old Puttachi updates here. The newer ones are here.) However, since some of you asked, here it is.

Yes, she has just three months to go before she turns 10, as she doesn't stop reminding me. She loves reading (a little too much, if you ask me), and she loves somersaults so much that she actually moves from room to room somersaulting. It can be very funny or very annoying when you are in a hurry. And yes, she is still slow with her meals, although she eats anything and everything that you put in front of her.

She enjoys school, and has a good time doing homework and projects (yes she's that kind of kid.) She has good friends, at school, and at home (her bff lives a couple of doors away).

She is still a cheerful and smile-y girl, like she has always been, though the grumps hit her sometimes. She bounces back well, though.

She likes posing for pictures with flamboyant gestures, as is obvious:

She asks to read some of her childhood posts on my blog, and I curate some of them for her. She enjoys it, sometimes laughing breathlessly. That was my whole point of writing about her, and I'm glad it is bearing fruit.

I love reading out to her, and she loves listening. I also enjoy going for walks with her because she's good company. Another thing we enjoy doing together is learn Spanish.

Her reasoning and outlook on life is a lot of fun to listen to. And very educative. I love the way she thinks, basically. She is also developing a unique sense of humour - subtle, which surprises me at the oddest moments.

I also like her attitude towards most things. She is fearless and confident and willing to learn, always. She whines sometimes, and is lazy most of the times, but I think it can be worked on.

She goes to basketball classes. She is supposed to be learning music from my mom and me, but she doesn't practice.

She is a typical big sister to my niece, whom we meet in the weekends -- she can be huffy and go lock herself up to escape the little one's attentions, or she can be completely big-sisterly and feed her, cuddle her, read to her and play with her.

It is very obvious that the teens are just around the corner, and I have to constantly rethink and relearn ways of dealing with her and connecting with her.

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Veena Shivanna said...

One of your readers. Puttachi has grown big and so well. Every parents thinks her child should be like her(not out of envy feeling definitely), I am glad I followed your parenting posts and could learn about very aspects of raising children.

Thank you Shruthi to keep the blog alive with little things to bigger thing. We always look forward to see your writings. After a long time, I bumped in today.

Good Wishes

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